Reviews of Stash Hotel Rewards

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Don't just take our word for it! Here’s what our Partner Hotels and industry leaders are saying about Stash Hotel Rewards.

The Hotel at Arundel Preserve

Partner Since 2012

“Stash is the smartest thing we've ever done. It literally saved us. The best thing we did in a market full of brands.”

April Callahan, Assistant GM

1859 Historic Hotels

Partner Since 2010

“Stash has developed an incredible tool that helps us take better care of our guests and complements what we do best: providing friendly and generous reception and creating one-of-a-kind guest experiences.”

Josh Henegar, Corporate Revenue Director


The Wilshire Grand Hotel

Partner Since 2010

“Stash is a great tool. The cost is minimal, the room rate you get back for redemptions is your prescribed rate, not $25 or $50 like the brands force you to take on peak nights, and there are no blackouts. They feature your hotel in every promotion you participate in at no additional cost. And, NO—I’m not on their payroll; their program is that good! Chalk up ten points for independents.”

Ed Reagoso, General Manager

Columbia Hospitality

Partner Since 2010

“Points drive business. Not giving points has been a drawback for independent hotels. We can now compete head to head.”

Yogi Hutsen, Senior Vice President

Inn at Saint Mary’s

Partner Since 2012

“Stash is the first one to get it right. We don't have to choose between a rewards program and our independent nature. We are able to maintain our deep connection with Saint Mary’s College, while still honoring our devoted guests.”

Kim Allsop, General Manager

Hotel Providence

Partner Since 2016

“We left the program for four months and re-joined (the reason we left was due to an ownership change, but we saw an immediate drop in RevPAR, so it was obvious for the need to return).  Since we’ve been part of the program, Stash has been instrumental in our effort to turn OTA guests into direct bookers.  Additionally, we’ve seen an incredible increase in RevPAR, so much so that we are now the market leaders in Providence in both ADR and RevPAR. From a sales point of view, I use Stash to compete against the branded hotels in town Aside from the obvious transient guest benefits, the ability to use Stash to win group business has been a game changer.”

Greg Nawrocki, Director of Sales

The Priory Hotel and The Mansions on Fifth

Partner Since 2014

“We wanted a program that allows us to reward our loyal guests and align with like-minded hotels. Stash is a perfect fit for us.”

John Graf, President and CEO

Stonehurst Place

Partner Since 2010

“I love, love Stash—they are so professional and a joy to work with. After the Summit my innkeeper’s whole view of the program shifted and he 'got it'  - he is now much better able to sincerely convey the benefits and sign up guests. It was well worth it!” 

Barb Shadomy, Owner

Perdido Beach Resort

Partner Since 2017

"It was great meeting you and your team. You have a great organization of wonderful and professional individuals! I can tell you that I go to many conferences a year and found yours to be one of the most beneficial from an industry networking perspective . I can say I have never been to an event where I got to share ideas and learn with other hoteliers that are not only independent but operate like we do as an independent hotel. The event was very fulfilling and useful. I look forward to the continued growth of the partnership and the membership. "

Larry Morris, Director of Sales